Bariatric Diet Progression:

After surgery Bariatric patients must follow an 8 week diet that slowly progresses from Liquids back to Regular textured foods. Advancing the diet too soon could cause serious harm!

Below is a list of samples to help individuals prepare for the first 2 months after surgery!

*Every surgery center is different, always follow the recommendations & post-op diet timeline set by your Surgeon, Dietitian, & Bariatric team. 

Phase 1a:

Clear Liquids

Between days 0-7 after surgery patients are placed on Clear Liquids. 

These are liquids that light can pass through & due to Bariatric surgery they need to be: Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, & Bubble Free! 

Phase 1b:

Full Liquids

Typically by days 3-7, patients start Full Liquids & continue until reaching the start of week 3 after surgery.


It is imperative that patients begin reaching their lifelong daily nutritional goals for fluids, protein, & vitamins/minerals.

Phase 2:


Starting week 3 is when most Bariatric patients are advanced to Purée.  

Consistency of applesauce or thinned mashed potatoes.


Surgery sites are healing, a smooth texture is important to prevent damage.

Phase 3:

Mechanical Soft

Mechanical Soft typically starts after 2 weeks of Purée. These foods are soft enough to smash with a fork. 

Ground meats, deli meats, soft cooked fish, crab meat, over cooked vegetables, etc. 

Majority of protein should be met consuming foods vs protein shakes during this 3 week phase. 


Phase 4:

Regular Texture/ Maintenance

8 weeks after surgery most post-op Bariatric patients are advanced back to normal texture.


It may take 4-6 months before understanding what your new stomach can & cannot tolerate. 

Daily goals for fluids, protein, & vitamins/minerals must be met lifelong. 


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