Beckett Boxes

Beckett, What?!

Beckett is an Old English name meaning beehive. It comes from words "beo" & "cot" which translates to

"bee cottage".

Old English: (beo ‘bee’ + cot ‘cottage’, ‘shelter’) Habitational name from places called Beckett in Berkshire, England and Devon, England .The surname is also found in Ireland. *via

Beckett, Who?!

Beckett Boxes are freshly prepared meals designed by a dietitian & developed by a chef using South Jersey grown products. 

Each meal is within 400-750 calories, contains 45-60 grams of protein, & is designed for individuals looking for convenient meal prep while intending to lose weight with or without exercise.  

Choose from our weekly menu offerings or create your own meal with our new "Build-A-Box". Select from a list of  proteins, starches, fruits, vegetables, & sauces to customize your meals. Menus are changed weekly with customer input via social media. 

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