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Beckett Boxes

Menu for Friday: November 15th, 2019

Orders due before Midnight Tuesday, 11/12/19
Overnight Oats: Oats in vanilla bean yogurt over cooked fruit served with mixed nut brittle

Caramel Apple Overnight Oats$8.25

Honey crisp, pink lady, & Granny Smith apples cooked in brown sugar caramel sauce under creamy apple cider overnight oats topped with a dollop of vanilla bean yogurt served with a side of candied mixed nuts

Just Pudding: Served in a 32 oz container 

Crème Anglaise Rice Pudding$7.25

Creamy vanilla bean rice pudding made with a rich egg custard sweetened with brown sugar  

Breakfast Platter: Served with a side of fresh cut fruit

Pumpkin Pancakes & Pork Roll$8.50

Pumpkin spice pancakes & seared pork roll slices served with sides of sweet cranberry maple syrup, candied mixed nuts, & fresh cut fruit

Just Soups: served in 32 oz containers

Bacon Cheddar Burger Soup$8.50

Ground beef, Applewood smoked bacon, red skin potatoes, roasted tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots, & garlic in creamy American & Cheddar cheese soup 

Creamy Potato Leek Soup$8.50

Russet potatoes, roasted leeks, onions, garlic, celery, & carrots pureed with roasted garlic & thyme chicken stock & cream

Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken & Dumplings Soup$8.50

Hand rolled flour dumplings, shredded whole chicken, potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, celery, & onions in roasted chicken stock

Entrées: served with 16 oz side of sauteed seasonal vegetables

Autumn Agnolotti$12.00

Our handmade sweet Italian sausage & Ricotta stuffed pillow pasta in a pumpkin, Parmesan, sage sauce topped with roasted pistachio goat cheese