Phase 1b: Full Liquids

Full liquids are fluids & foods that turn back into a liquid when at room temperature, e.g. ice cream (unless thickened with starches, e.g. puddings). This is also where daily Protein goals must be consistently met. Follow the protein & fluid goals set by your Bariatric program. To aid with fluid planning,  we recommend 4+ ounces of liquids an hour to get to >64 ounces daily. 

Choose sugar free options (less than 10 grams Sugar per serving) to avoid Dumping Syndrome!

Caffeine pulls fluids & can cause dehydration,

Alcohol can cause ulcers, &

Carbonation can stretch the stomach causing damage!

Sugar-Free Full Liquids:

  • Strained Cream Soups (tomato, cream of mushroom, cream of whatever, strain all solids out, liquid only!)

  • Protein Shakes (<220 calories, >20 gm protein, <5 gm sugar per serving, but follow your Bariatric Program's recommendations) 

  • Broths, Stocks, & Consomme (vegetable, beef, pork, chicken, seafood, lobster, fish, shrimp, ham, etc)

  • Sugar-Free Pudding (Chocolate, Vanilla, whatever NO CHUNKS! No Rice, Tapioca, or Bread!)

  • Blended Yogurt, No Fruit on the Bottom, No Granola! Sugar Free, Low Fat. 

  • Non-Carbonated Beverages (Gatorade Zero, Powerade Zero, Crystal Light, diet tea, decaf black coffee, etc)

  • Sugar Free water ice/ popsicles

  • Sugar Free Jell-O 

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