Phase 2: Purée

Puréed Diet is the consistency of apple sauce or thinned out mashed potatoes.  Baby food that you can season with herbs & spices. It's important not to introduce textures too soon following surgery. Additional pressure could cause a leak & be a big problem! Follow the diet recommendations set by your Bariatric program. To aid with fluid planning,  we recommend 4+ ounces of liquids an hour to get to >64 ounces daily. 

Choose sugar free options (less than 10 grams Sugar per serving) to avoid Dumping Syndrome!

Caffeine pulls fluids & can cause dehydration,

Alcohol can cause ulcers, &

Carbonation can stretch the stomach causing damage while healing!

Puréed Food Diet:

  • Sugar-Free/Low Fat Full Liquids (see list)

  • Low Fat Ricotta Cheese

  • Low Fat Cream Cheese

  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese (Small Curd or Whipped)

  • Scrambled Eggs or Egg Whites

  • White Fish Mashed with Fork (e.g. Tuna fish & light mayo)

  • Puréed Meats (Chicken, Turkey, Lean Beef, Pork with Gravies)

  • Puréed Fruits or Vegetables (avoid fibrous foods like broccoli, cauliflower, & celery, may cause gas pains)

  • Cream of Wheat or Rice


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