Bariatric Boxes


Bariatric Boxes are freshly prepared meals that are designed to meet the daily nutritional needs of post-operative Bariatric patients. We also offer family size & bulk items to aid with meal prep.


Each meal contains:

< 350 Calories

> 28 gm Protein

< 55 gm Carbohydrates

< 10 gm Sugar

< 10 gm Fat

$4-$12 each 


*Meals also suitable for Diabetics. 45-60 gm Carbohydrates is typically recommended at meals & 15-30 gm for snacks.  Speak with your Endocrinologist, Dietitian, & Doctor about how our meals could help with blood sugar management & weight loss! 

**Less than 10 gm of sugar is to prevent dumping syndrome for post-op Bariatric patients.  

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