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Menus for Pick Up/Delivery Friday

November 22nd, 2019

Orders for Beckett & Bariatric Boxes due before Midnight Tuesdays 

Bariatric Boxes

 New seasonal menu each week.  Pre-order & choose pick-up or home delivery. Pick-up your order Friday night or Saturday at participating Heritage's. Every Saturday morning participating Heritage's Dairy Stores will stock a limited amount of freshly prepared Bariatric Boxes Entrees for retail sale.


Every Bariatric Box contains:

  • Less than 350 Calories

  • Less than 55 gm Carbohydrates

  • Less than 10 gm Sugar

  • More than 28 gm Protein

$8.00 each

Beckett Boxes

Beckett Boxes are not diet!  These meals are everything Chef Josh has learned growing up on Oakwood Place. From Beckett, NJ to Montecchio Precalcino, Italy & everywhere in between. These meals are not "Bariatric" friendly & are higher in calories. Think of them as Bariatric Boxes evil twin!  

Pre-order meals & have them delivered or pick-up at participating Heritage's.

Every Beckett Box contains:

  • More calories than Bariatric Boxes, so we won't list 'em. 

  • Fat & probably sugar... 

  • 16 oz side of sauteed seasonal vegetables

  • Homemade, handcrafted, & home style foods prepared by Josh & his local chef friends served in 24 oz containers. 

$Pricing varies$



Yhanne's House of Cheesecakes

Yhanne's famous handcrafted cheesecakes provided by Yhanne's House of Cheesecakes located in Clayton, NJ.

Each week we will be offering new flavors of Yhanne's personal cheesecakes. These aren't Dietitian friendly... but they are the best around, bar none.

Various Sweets from Devour Desserts:
Various sweets provided by Devour Desserts located in Mantua, NJ & Aston PA. 
Each week we will be offering a selection of personal sweets from Misty & her crew.  Google them.