Free Meal Experiment 3.0- Final Week

It's been a while.... My intention was to update the blog weekly with the progress of our participants including pictures of their weight, food diary, & measurements. I planned on giving explanations of how, what, & why as they progressed in real time. What had happened was... I got busier & they didn't consistently log everything they consumed with My Fitness Pal.

Without the data from everything they consumed, I couldn't make sense of their weight loss trend. In addition to inconsistencies with tracking food & beverage intake, I know they didn't include the higher calorie foods they consumed. I got, "I had a bunch of pepperoni bread" with a picture of one's weight one week. Additionally, I don't think either of them tracked Valentine's Day. But most couples eat healthy that day, i'm sure they were good.

I can't blame them, I struggled with tracking too. I was supposed to track my own food intake & explain everything on the Facebook page I created. Similar to the patients I counseled, I found it hard to track consistently, wanting to track, & remembering to track. So I 100% understand what happened with the tracking. However, it would be nice to see all of the calories consumed over the past 4 weeks & track their weights along with it.

Other than that, they honestly did great! They both lost a descent amount of weight & have been more conscience in the foods they were selecting. I honestly didn't work that closely with them. I gave them the recommendations posted in the previous posts, they chose 15 Bariatric Boxes a week, (Chris sometimes ordering bulk items rather than meals), & they sent me pics of their weights once a week. I sent them a questionnaire which they answered below.

I really didn't do much, so they deserve all the credit for sticking to a loose diet plan with unorganized structure & accountability. I'm not done with them though, we discussed not stopping until they reach their goal weight, which I set for them at 200 lbs. They have both received promo codes to use at their discretion for discounts on all future orders.

I will now be giving free meals to preoperative Bariatric patients that need weight loss to be eligible for weight loss surgery. These individuals are more than 600 lbs & need assistance to help get them to a safe surgery weight. They are also currently enrolled in local Bariatric surgery programs & will benefit from the entire team approach. The added support from their team of dietitians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, & surgeons coupled with Bariatric Boxes.... i'm excited to see how they progress.

My first pre-op bariatric patient is Big Al, he's a part of the talented team of local food critics Just Grubbin'. Ironically, I reached out to them on Twitter regarding critiques of healthy foods. We got to talking & than I told one of my friends about doing a podcast with these guys. And he was like "Oh, that's Big Al & some boys from Wesley." My twin & some of my other friends went to school with them at Wesley College. I met Big Al a bunch of times, but not since, like, 2007? So, there's already a level of comfort there, which I believe will help us get to where he wants to be. In addition to that, they're going to give me feedback on the food, Big Al will recommend menu items each week, & we'll be doing some healthy podcasts.

Should make for a fun few months!

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