Free Meal Experiment 3.0- Week 1

Our Guinea Pigs received their first week of meals on Friday, February 1st. Below is a picture of their initial weights & what they ordered for their first week:

J (Mr. Anonymous) had a Sleeve Gastrectomy in August 2016. His highest weight before surgery was 667 lbs in June 2016 & his lowest weight after surgery was 370 lbs.

1 Crabby Egger

2 Evening Peach Haze

2 Strapple Haze

1 Horse Beef

1 Korean BBQ Burger

1 Sesame Chicken Crunch Salad

2 Turkey Tacos

1 Julia's Meatballs

1 Korean BBQ Beef Box

1 Purple Rain Pork

1 Shepherd's Pie

1 Tamales Rojo Verde

Chris had a Roux-en-Y Gastric By-Pass (RYGB) in February 2006. His highest weight before surgery was about 425 lbs & his lowest after surgery was 275 lbs.

2 El Cubano

3 Turkey Taco

2 Garbage Pizza Stuffed Peppers

2 Gina's Boring Chicken

2 Julia's Meatballs

1 Purple Rain Pork

3 Tamales Rojo Verde

So... how did they do their first week?

It started with me burning the Tamales & not having enough time to remake them. So, J & Chris (like everyone else), didn't get tamales this week. I also forgot to setup their My Fitness Pal account so they couldn't track their food & beverage intake.

Furthermore, I wasn't able to meet up with them to get their weights on Friday & didn't think to ask them to just take a pic & use the same scale each week until yesterday..... great start!

However, they were given the diet recommendations (see last weeks blog post) & briefed on what to do. They ate the meals, were conscience about what they were eating, & followed the recommendations as close as possible.

The silver lining was the text I got from Chris yesterday. He needs to lose weight for hip surgery, if he doesn't get the weight down, they will continue to delay it. So, rather than wait for February to start, I met with Chris on January 14th at a Starbucks in Philly. We talked over everything & then I got his weight in the parking lot.

Yes, I carry a 650 lb max digital scale & measuring tape in my car at all times.... you never know when you'll need it.

He was 327 lbs but I didn't take a pic, (cause i'm smart). I had him place an order for Friday, January 17th. He ordered wrong, or I wasn't clear about how to order. Either way, he ordered items from our Beckett Boxes menu (higher calorie meal prep) as well as from the Bariatric Boxes menu. I gave him his order & explained the 15 Bariatric Boxes limit & gave him the diet recommendations. He gave his candied nuts to his family & split the soup.

For his second week (February 24th), he didn't click submit or something in the online store. So, I didn't get his order. I had him go to Heritage's Dairy Stores in Logan Twp. & he picked up 7 Bariatric Boxes entrees and he followed the diet recommendations for the remaining meals, snacks, & beverages.

Below is his order & text message that he sent me yesterday.

1 Candied Mixed Nuts- 16 oz

1 Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken & Dumplings

1 Blue Mango Mojito Haze

1 Granny's Haze

2 Taco Tuesdays

2 Diego Sandwiches

2 Wasa-Chicken-Aki Salad

1 BBQ Bacon Balls

2 Chicken Puttanesca

1 Gina's Boring Chicken

2 Maiale al Latte

2 Cinnamon Vanilla Granola (2 Cups each)

1 Mechanical Soft Sloppy Joe

He's down 12.5 lbs after 3 unorganized weeks... there's hope!

They have started to track with My Fitness Pal & I will have them weigh themselves on the Tuesday/Wednesday that their initial weight was on moving forward. I have also added "Bariatric Boxes" to My Fitness Pal so they can easily add meals to their food diaries while tracking. Any additional snacks & beverages they can bar code scan directly into their food diary.

I have also started a private Facebook group for anyone interested in following along. I will be hopping on board the challenge & documenting my weight & progress as well, but my calorie goals will be different. If you're interested in following my food choices & exercise or would like me to change your calorie & macronutrient goals on My Fitness Pal add "Bariatric Boxes" as a friend.

If you'd like to join the weight loss challenge join "Bariatric Boxes Weight Loss Challenge" on Facebook

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