Free Meal Experiment 2.0

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Initial weigh-in, background information on participants, & nutrition recommendations for first week.

Initial Weights- 2/3/19

What are we doing?

In December I asked followers on Facebook if anyone was interested in receiving 15 free Bariatric Boxes per week for 4 weeks with nutrition counseling & tips provided throughout the month. For them to qualify they had to weigh more than 350 lbs. and be able to pick up their meals on Sundays. I was given a contact named J who I chose to work with for the month of January. He was the first participant and I posted weekly updates on Facebook tracking J’s progress. J ultimately went from 422.4 lbs. – 407.66 lbs. in 2 weeks, losing 14.74 lbs. in total. I couldn’t obtain an initial or final weight, but my guess is he lost more.

I like to watch progress and it was exciting to see J lose weight each week, but I didn't have pictures to prove it and felt that the experiment could be improved upon. So again, I asked for anyone that was over 350 lbs. and would be interested in the month of February. I was immediately contacted by another J. He explained how he would love to be apart of the experience and disclosed his history of a sleeve gastrectomy. He stated how excited he was watching the previous experiment and would follow recommendations. I was than contacted by someone who thought their friend could benefit from the month of meals. I contacted him, and he thought it would be a good opportunity stating that he was already starting to make healthier choices. I asked J & B to place and order and informed them that I would be taking their weights and anthropometric measurements when they came to pick up.

B arrived first he came in with a big smile stating his excitements to be a part of this. I explained the meals and what his goals for the week was. Explained that I would be sending him & J an e-mail with questions and other information for the weeks ahead. B stepped on the scale and weighed 168.4 kg (370.48 lbs). I told him it’s all down hill from here and he left.

J pulled up within 5 minutes of B’s departure. Gave him the same spiel and took his weight. He weighed in at 188.2 kg (414.04 lbs). He stated how truly excited he was and how his journey has stalled from initialing weighing over 650 lbs. I gave him his goals and he went on his way.

B e-mailed me first, so let’s start with him.

The highlights:

Highest weight: 370 lbs (2019, current)

Lowest: 280 lbs (18 YO)

Favorite diet was 21 day fix, & exercising 30-60 min 3x/wk.

Typical day, wake up 5:45, eat at 6:00-6:10am, 12pm, & 5:30-6 pm, eat chips, salsa, ice cream before dinner at 9:30, started going to the gym & cutting out snacks.

Problem areas “Eat too much shit.”

Can’t resist anything with meat & cheese

Hope’s to gain perspective & knowledge in making healthier changes

J’s E-mail

The highlights:

Highest weight: 667 lbs (June 2016- Pre surgery)

Lowest weight: 332 lbs (Sophomore in high school)

Lost over 260 lbs since surgery, surgery being favorite “diet”

For exercise 15-30 minute walks 2-3 times during the work week,90 min walk at park on weekends

Wake up at 5:30, eat breakfast (7:30am) & lunch at desk, home by 5:30pm, dinner around 6:30pm, in bed by 11:00 pm.

Believes he’s fallen into old habits, at times skipping meals, eats fast food when meals aren’t planed.

He lists pizza & sweets as weaknesses

What’s this all mean to me.

J states that he has fallen back into old habits and skips meals. This is something many people struggle with. His weight loss is great, losing over 250 lbs since surgery and his stalling is common in bariatric post-ops. Typically, a year and a half to 2 years after surgery, people can go back to old habits and don’t follow dietary recommendations as closely as they had immediately after surgery. Being that he had bariatric surgery, he needs to consistently meet daily nutritional goals consisting of fluids, protein, and vitamins/mineral supplements. He has the added advantage of having a smaller stomach compared to B, so it will be interesting to see how their weight, anthropometric measurements, & appetites compare.

This isn’t a competition, everyone loses weight differently and one person has had bariatric surgery, giving him the advantage of feeling fuller on less foods as well as decreasing his overall appetite. However, if they both were to consume the exact amount of calories & protein per day each week for a month, I’d assume their weight loss trend would be similar.

We shall see…

**************Below is the e-mail that I sent to them with some light reading & tips to get started.***********

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge.

Current Height:

Highest known weight & the year:

Lowest known weight & the year since the age of 18:

Diets attempted in the past. Favorite diet & Why?

What’s the most weight you’ve lost and how long did it take? What did you do?

Current Exercise regiment, if any

What Is a current week day for you, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, what do you do? When do you eat? Where do you eat? With who? Typically, what time?

What is an average weekend day like for you? Answer same questions as above.

What do you consider are issues in your current diet?

What foods do you consider your kryptonite?

What do you hope to get out of the next month?

Monthly participant Info:

1) Menu is posted every Monday, order any 15 meals that you would like before midnight Thursday. Use promo code “Free” when you check out to get 100% off.

2) Pick up your meals at St. Michaels Mutual Club (406 Memorial Ave, Gibbstown, NJ 08027), park in the back by the loading dock. I’ll bring you into the kitchen to give you your bag of boxes as well as weigh & measure you.

3) Refrigerate meals and get ready for the week ahead.

Documentation:I will be tracking your progress and writing about it. I will keep all your personal information out of it and will be taking faceless pictures throughout. If there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen. I will be contacting you randomly throughout the week to see how you’re making out. We will discuss different nutrition goals and give tips to help throughout.


I prefer that you don’t exercise, I would like to document your weight loss with diet alone, to showcase the importance of consistent calorie consumption as well as to bust the myth that exercise is necessary for weight loss. I was a contracted dietitian at Meadow View Nursing & Respiratory Care Center in Williamstown, I was able to have patients in coma’s lose weight by controlling their calorie intake through tube feeds. Why can’t we do the same with actual food?

If you want to exercise, by all means. It’s obviously a positive thing and the goal of this is to help not to hinder. However, I need to know the duration and exercise so I can calculate additional calories burned. That way we can track everything and make sense of your progress. Even if you want to start small with 3 ten-minute walks per day or every other day. You will burn calories, but it’s a good foundation to build up your exercise routine & commitment.

Daily Nutrition Recommendations:

1) Consume either a Bariatric Box or something from the list provided, within the first 90 minutes of waking up. Every day!

2) Consume over 64 ounces of diet/zero calorie beverages (see list).

3) Consume 3 Bariatric Boxes daily for Monday through Friday. Saturday & Sunday are not cheat days, meals won’t make it to the weekend so use the “Pick ‘em” list to create your meals for the weekend.

4) Make sure what you’re about to consume isn’t on the “Hell No!” list

5) Track your food intake with My Fitness Pal, I will change your calorie goal. Do not have to track Bariatric boxes or zero calorie items.

6) Goal is to stay as close to 1000 calories as possible, 3 Bariatric Boxes will be the 1000 calorie foundation. Use snacks if needed, hydration will help with cravings & appetite.

Beverage Options: (anything <10 calories per serving)

· Crystal Light

· PoweAde Zero

· Gatorade Zero

· Weyer’s Light

· 4C drink mix

· Diet Tea

· Water

· Read the label, less than 10 Calories

First 90 Minute Options:

· Bariatric Box

· <200 calorie, >20 gm protein shake

· <100 calorie granola bar

· Piece of fruit (apple, banana, orange, peach, etc.)

· <120 calorie yogurt

· <150 calorie breakfast bar

· <150 calorie smoothie

· *** I’ll add more as we go ***

Snack Options:

· Sugar free popsicles (<20 calorie)

· Sugar free water ice (<20 calorie)

· Home-made crystal light popsicles

· Sugar free Jell-O

· Broth, (chicken, beef, vegetable)

· <120 calorie yogurt

· Sargento Balanced Breaks

· Oscar Meyer P3 Packs

· Lean Jerky

· Deli Turkey slice, rolled up

· Lean Deli Ham, rolled up

· Lean Deli roast beef, rolled up

· Reduced fat cheese stick

· Chicken breast, baked, grilled (No fat cooking)

· Non-Starchy Vegetables (No Starchy Veg= Beans, Legumes, Potatoes, Peas, Corn)

o ****If you want me to make you low calorie dressing for dip, let me know! *****

· Fat Free cottage cheese

· Fat Free ricotta cheese

· Quest Chips

· *** I’ll add more as we go ***

Pick ‘em List:

1. Choose an item out of each section to build your meal. Use low calorie sauces, dressing, seasonings to make it not be blah.

2. Can’t use any fat when cooking, so no butter, margarine, schmaltz, vegetable, canola, olive, coconut, grapeseed, avocado, etc. oils. And no bacon grease! It is good though.

3. Choose a protein, non-starchy vegetable, fruit, and starch per meal.

3.5 - 4 oz of the following lean proteins: (~150 calories, ~28 gm Protein)

***slightly bigger than a deck of cards/ palm of your hand***

  • · Deli ham

  • · Deli roast beef

  • · Deli turkey

  • · Poultry, Skinless chicken breast, fat trimmed

  • · Poultry, Skinless turkey breast, fat trimmed

  • · Pork, loin, fat trimmed

  • · Pork, tenderloin, fat trimmed

  • · Beef, tenderloin, fat trimmed

  • · Beef, chuck tender, fat trimmed

  • · Beef, London broil, fat trimmed

  • · Beef, eye of round, fat trimmed

  • · Beef, ground, 93%/7%, 90%/10%

  • · Fish, Chilean sea bass, Tilapia, Flounder, Shark, Skate

  • · Fish, Salmon

  • · Fish, fraudulent crab meat

  • · Shell fish, shrimp, crab, mussels, clams, lobster,

  • · Lamb, Venison, etc. fat trimmed

1 cup of cooked non-starchy vegetables (~50 calories, ~4 gm protein)

***Solo or Combo***

  • · Alfalfa sprouts

  • · Arugula

  • · Artichoke

  • · Asparagus

  • · Bamboo shoots

  • · Beans (green, Italian, yellow or wax)

  • · Bean sprouts

  • · Beets

  • · Bok choy

  • · Broccoli

  • · Brussels sprouts

  • · Cabbage

  • · Cauliflower

  • · Celery

  • · Chayote

  • · Chicory

  • · Chinese cabbage

  • · Chinese spinach

  • · Cucumber

  • · Eggplant

  • · Fennel

  • · Garlic

  • · Green onions

  • · Greens (beet or collard greens, dandelion, kale, mustard, turnip)

  • · Hearts of palm

  • · Herbs

  • · Jicama

  • · Kohlrabi

  • · Leeks

  • · Lettuce

  • · Mushrooms

  • · Okra

  • · Onions

  • · Parsley

  • · Peppers (green, red, yellow, orange, jalapeño)

  • · Purslane

  • · Radishes

  • · Rapini

  • · Rhubarb

  • · Rutabaga

  • · Sauerkraut

  • · Scallions

  • · Shallots

  • · Snow peas or pea pods

  • · Spinach

  • · Summer squash

  • · Swiss chard

  • · Tomatillos

  • · Turnips

  • · Water chestnuts

  • · Watercress

  • · Zucchini

Half Cup of Fresh, Frozen, or Canned Fruit in Water: (~60 calories, ~0 gm protein)

***Solo or Combo***

  • · Apples

  • · Applesauce, unsweetened

  • · Apricots

  • · Banana

  • · Blackberries

  • · Blueberries

  • · Cantaloupe

  • · Cherries

  • · Grapefruit

  • · Grapes

  • · Honeydew melon

  • · Kiwi

  • · Mandarin oranges

  • · Mango

  • · Nectarines

  • · Orange

  • · Papaya

  • · Peach

  • · Pears

  • · Persimmon

  • · Pineapple

  • · Plum

  • · Pomegranate

  • · Raspberries

  • · Strawberries

  • · Tangerine

  • · Watermelon

Third of a Cup of Cooked Starches (~80 calories, ~3 gm Protein, ~15 gm Carbohydrates)

  • · Barley

  • · Farro

  • · Quinoa

  • · Wheat Bulghur

  • · Lentils

  • · Beans

  • · Wild Rice

  • · Wheat berries

  • · Sweet potato

  • · White/Red potato

  • · White/Brown Rice

  • · Pasta

  • · Peas

  • · Corn

Hell No! List These provide very little nutritional value and are calorically dense, so a small amount contains a lot of calories. And who can just have one?

  • - Pringles

  • - Chips

  • - Vegetable chips (fried)

  • - Vegetable Straws (it’s a potato)

  • - Ice cream

  • - Gelato

  • - Deep fried ice cream

  • - Deep fried Oreos

  • - Deep fried pickles

  • - Deep fried butter

  • - Deep fried donuts

  • - Deep fried anything…

  • - Candies

  • - Chocolates

  • - Ice cream sandwiches

  • - Frozen snickers bars

  • - Heavy cream

  • - Tasty kakes

  • - Little Debbie

  • - Twinkies

  • - Soft Pretzels

  • - Tortilla chips

  • - High calorie creamer

  • - *** I’ll add more later, but you get the idea***

- Eating from any restaurants that primarily serve meals where the portion of protein is larger than the vegetables

  • · Popeyes

  • · McDonald’s

  • · Wendy’s

  • · KFC

  • · Taco Bell

  • · Burger King

  • · Starbucks

  • · Dunkin Donuts

  • · Checkers

  • · Royal Farms

  • · Etc.

These places carry calorie dense foods that will blow up your calorie budget, like a sandwich or coffee is more than 500 calories… for 1! A meal is like 1500 calories… it’s true, look it up

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