Start of Week 2: Free Meal Experiment 2.0

B shirtless a few days before starting with experiment.

What a week!


J & B came to the kitchen on February 3rd for their initial weigh-ins as well as to pick up their 15 free meals. Below are their orders that covered their meals from February 4th until February 9th.

J: B:

Rise & Shine Haze 4 Rise & Shine Haze

Black Pear Haze 2 Pesto Salmon & Shrimp Salad

Chix Primavera Quiche 2 Cowboy Coffee Gravy

Buffalo Chix Quiche 3 Buffalo Chix Quiche

Ham & Egger Quiche 2 Teriyaki Salmon

Roasted Plum Chicken Salad General Tstacy's Chix

Pesto Salmon & Shrimp Salad Sausage & Butternut Noodles

BBQ Beef Burger

Chicken Waldorf Salad

Sloppy Philly Sandwich

Sausage & Butternut Noodles

Teriyaki Salmon

Philly Cheesesteak Loaf

Chix & Shrimp Au Gratin

Beef Burgundy Stew

They were given recommendations as well a lists to aid in meal planning when not consuming the meals (weekends) as well as lists of low calorie, high protein snack options. These lists were e-mailed to J & B and that e-mail is posted on last week's post. I spoke with them briefly throughout the week, they said they were following the recommendations and finding it easier to be than initially thought. They said they enjoyed the meals and were noticing small changes in appetite.

My thoughts:

It was the first week, so I figured J & B would do well. They would stick to the recommendations and ride out the excitement of the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead. I was quasi-optimistic that everything would go as planned but than the internal pessimist or Negladelphian came out and I had my doubts. Only because I haven't gotten to spend enough time with them and get to know them as personally as I have with patients in the past. I would see patients for 30-60 minutes once a month for 3-6 or more months. And everyone understands how difficult it is to stick to a diet. When you start a diet you begin to notice that every commercial is about food, you smell more scents & food then ever before, you get angry when people eat what you "can't have" right in front of you. You're just miserable. Then you lose the pounds or get frustrated and give up. Than you're back to square one.

But than again, I knew that J had an amazing story and journey, starting back in 2016 when he weighed over 665 lbs. I understand and can appreciate what it takes for him to be where he is currently. You have to be a highly motivated individual with a great support system to lose over 240 lbs in less than 3 years. He stated that his biggest issue was being "off track" so I figured he's intelligent, he's been through it. His main issue is the same as everyone else's... consistency. Especially when it includes dietary restrictions, no one wants to worry about food all day. Plus life happens, so everyone is bound to get off track every now and again. So I figured, great! That's exactly what i'm here for. He's going to be getting in a consistent amount of calories & protein from Bariatric Boxes than whatever additional calories he consumes through snacking or weekend meals.

For B. I don't know. He doesn't have the added benefit of Bariatric surgery, so he won't feel full on less food or have a decrease in ghrelin production causing less of an appetite. I didn't know how he would do with sticking to the diet plan. I asked that he track any additional food/beverages with My Fitness Pal. I think I stated this last blog, tracking is a huge pain in the ass. I understand how inconvenient and depressing it can be to enter in your favorite foods and watch your calorie budget wither away. However, it's the best way to learn about your caloric intake and how it relates to your weight changes. So I assumed he wouldn't log, or do it for a day and than stop. But I was also optimistic because he was so enthusiastic about starting & continuing with making healthier changes. Regardless, I gave them the same recommendations.

The Recommendations: (Same for everyone, pretty much always)

1) Eat within the first 90 minutes of waking up {boost metabolism}

2) Eat 3 Bariatric Boxes per day [Mon-Fri]

3) Weekend meals, follow "Pick-em" list

4) Consume >64 oz diet/zero calorie beverages (J- no carbonation/limit caffeine & replace w/ additional fluids)

5) Log additional calorie containing food/beverages with Food Diary

6) Don't Exercise! (if you want to fine, but I want to highlight weight loss through calorie consumption, not the myth of exercise=weightloss)

The Weigh-In!

So Sunday goes well, finish making the meals a little early. Sent out the mass "Order Ready" alert and waited patiently. I bring in the scale & get the measuring tape (remembered it this time) & than two cars pull up. It's J & B. I introduced them to each other, they both brought their lovely wives. We ascended up the steps and went into the event hall. I set up the scale and informed them that I would be taking their measurements along with weight. Below are those measurements:

B: J:

Neck: 19.5" 15"

Mid-arm: 14.5" 19"

Upper Chest: 58.5" 57.5"

Chest: 60.5" 57.5"

Waist: 57.5" 63"

Hip: 53.5" 62.5"

Thigh: 28.5" 27"

Weight: 162.6 kg 180.7 kg

We talked during the measurements and briefly after. I asked how full they feel after a Bariatric Box. As expected, J stated that he can barely finish a meal, however he does focus on consuming the protein first. J stated that he felt satisfied and full and was able to limit snacking. He also consumed more fluids which he states has helped curb his appetite. B states that he was pretty satisfied after the meals. He wasn't "gut busting" full and could definitely eat more. But added that the meals were filling and he was satisfied making it easier to curb the urges. He also has been logging, which I was shocked. And honestly proud that he was/is doing it, shows his commitment and willingness to follow recommendations.

They both looked at the scale and couldn't tell if they lost or gained. Honestly, neither could I. I was on hour 11 and didn't care to look up the weights and I had customers coming to pick up their delicious meals. Plus the scale is set to kilograms. I don't have a reason for that, but it is fun messing with them when they step on. FYI 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds. Any who, I wrote down their measurements in my phone & gave them their bags and sent them on their way. I told them I'd calculate their weights and let them know. I don't want to say they looked sad, but they definitely wanted to know that number.

So, while I waited, I finally checked the numbers. I honestly checked it like 3 times. In one week, B went from 168.4 kg (370.48 lbs) to 162.6 kg (357.72 lbs). A loss of 5.8 kg (12.6 lbs)!!! J went from 188.2 kg (414.04 lbs) to 180.7 kg (397.54 lbs). A loss of 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)!!!

I text them immediately. It was something along the lines of "Holy shit, great job!" I've worked with patients who were placed on a two week liquid diet prior having bariatric surgery. They would consume 5-6 protein shakes per day (< 200 calories, <20 gm protein) and over 64 oz of clear liquids every day for the two weeks leading up to surgery. This is to help the body use up fat in the liver for energy causing it to shrink in size and become more pliable, making it easier for the surgeon to manipulate during surgery.

This pre-op liquid diet is about 1000 calories and 80-100 gm of protein per day. Consuming 3 Bariatric Boxes per day provides about 1000 calories & 80-90 gm of protein per day. Essentially the same thing, but one's actually food. So I expected them to have similar weight loss as the pre-op patients had, if they only consumed my meals and didn't snack.

I've seen weight loss between 5-40 pounds in two weeks. The more wight an individual carries the faster it initially comes off. Then there were plenty of patients who lied through their teeth about following the liquid diet and ended up magically gaining. No matter how much we told them it was science, they stuck to their guns. I would tell them to get checked for a tumor or growth, cause nothing else made sense. My patients loved me lol.

I digress. J & B lost a combined 29.1 lbs in one week. That really is an incredible start to the month. I don't know exactly how many calories they consumed, because they didn't log 100% of what was consumed. But they had a 1000 calorie foundation that met their nutritional needs & they made an effort to increase fluid intake and decrease snacking. And the results are on the scale. Do I expect them to continue to lose at this rate, no. Is it impossible, no. But that's what's fun about doing this week to week.

I'm excited to see them again this week and look forward to seeing their progress. Below are some pics of B's food diary.

J & B's recommendations are: Keep doing the same thing... if it ain't broke don't fix it.


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