Start of Week 3

2-17-19 weigh-in J on the left; B on the right (same shoes every time)


J & B came in last week and were weighed for the second time on Sunday, February 10th. They lost a combined 29.1 lbs after 1 week of consuming Bariatric Boxes, as noted in last weeks post. J has a history of a gastric sleeve and noted feeling full before consuming majority of his boxes. B, who hasn't had surgery, noted feeling satisfied with most meals, however felt he had room for more food. He stated that he has been able to resist temptation by consuming more fluids.

B has been logging any additional foods and calorie containing beverages with a food diary. Both stated that they have been following the diet recommendations.

Those recommendations are:

1) Consume food within the first 90 minutes of waking up.

2) Consume >64 ounces diet/zero calorie beverages (J-no carbonation/limit caffeine)

3) Consume 3 Bariatric Boxes per day

4) Track other food/beverages with food diary

5) J- take vitamins/minerals as recommended by Bariatric team

Meals ordered for the week of 2/10/19:

J's Order B's Order:

German Forest Haze 3 Cavanaugh's Pie

Pina-Pina Haze 3 German Forest Haze

BBQ Chix Quiche 1 Philly Quiche

Buffalo Chix Quiche 1 BBQ Chix Quiche

Philly Quiche 3 Cuban Burger

Salmon Bahn Mi Salad 1 Chicken & Eggplant Parmesan

Black & Blue Chicken 1 Ma's Meatloaf

Philly Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich 1 Sausage Onions & Peppers Gravy

Cuban Burger 1 Candied Pork Butter

Green Chicken Salad Sandwich

Candied Pork Butter

Chicken & Eggplant Parmesan

Ma's Meatloaf

Chix & Shrimp Pesto Goat

Plum Ginger Salmon

After they were weighed and picked up their order, I checked in on them periodically. They just got done losing a pretty good chunk of weight and stated that they were following my recommendations, so there wasn't much for me to do. They said they were feeling good and staying on track.

On Sunday, 2/17/19 J & B came for their weigh-ins and to pick up their order. This time, they showed up about 10 minutes apart. J arrived first along with his wife. They followed me to the event hall where I had the scale waiting for him. He took off his shoes and stepped on the scale. I snapped a picture of it and he stepped down. I, again, didn't have his previous weight in front of me, but the number looked like it was down from before. J looked a bit hesitant and noticeably upset with his number. I reassured him that it was down and to take notice of his feelings during this time compared to a week ago.

Last week he was ready to run through a brick wall, this week he looked like his pet goldfish died. He stated that he stuck to the game plan and that he didn't understand how he could lose 16 lbs in one week and lose about 5 lbs the second week.

This is a pivotal point where anyone who is trying to lose weight can understandably become frustrated and throw in the towel. This is why I HATE WEIGHING DAILY/WEEKLY. The only thing it does is cause frustrations and doubt, and it is something that no one can control. So why do we worry about things we can't control?

The reality is, it may take 3-6 weeks for an individual to show true weight loss. For most people, the 3-8 lbs of weight that goes up and down on a regular basis is just fluid shifting. There are many bariatric patients who have just had weight loss surgery and can barely consume 500 calories per day, yet their weight remains the same for 3-4 weeks. This is due to the body adjusting to such a rapid decrease in total calories consumed and the body trying to hold on to all the extra calories(fat) it has. However, the body isn't consuming calories like before and the body is forced to lose/use the excess calories.

So I gave J his boxes and sent him on his way and kept telling him to stop worrying about the weight. It will come off, it's only been 2 weeks. Then B pulled up shortly after. Same routine, B kept his slippers on as he had during each weigh-in. He asked if he lost, I told him I didn't know and I would let him know. We talked briefly about meals he enjoyed and ones he wasn't crazy about. Gave him his bag of boxes and sent him on his way.

J: B:

Feb 3rd: 188.2 kg (414.04 lbs) 168.4 kg (370.48 lbs)

Feb 10th: 180.7 kg (397.54 lbs) 162.6 kg (357.72 lbs)

Feb 17th: 179.4 kg (394.68 lbs) 161 kg (354.2 lbs)

Total: -8.8 kg (-19.36 lbs) -7.4 kg (-16.28 lbs)

What this all means to me:

These two are doing a fantastic job. They didn't have the same amount of weight loss as the 2nd week but overall they are down more than 35 lbs collectively over the course of two weeks. They are enjoying the meals and feel satisfied, they have been picking at healthier options and being mindful during the weekends. They state they are following the recommendations and their weight is trending in the right direction. My concern is the possibility of their frustrations with the scale effecting their food choices. I doubt it will happen, these two seem very committed, but there's always the possibility.

All that being said I think they will have another big jump in weight loss this week. If not, that's fiine as well, stay the course. Only weights that matter are initial and ending weight.

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