The Finale: Free Meal Experiment 2.0

Above are the weekly weights & total loss for J & B for the month of February. Initial weight before starting experiment was on February 3rd, which is also when they picked up their first round of meals. They consumed 15 meals per week and were given nutrition recommendations. They were also asked not to exercise. Previous posts include their orders as well as their progress.

Final Weigh-In:

B (non-surgical participant) came in to get weighed, stepped on the scale, and then we talked for about 15-20 minutes. B was gracious and thanked me for helping him lose 20 lbs. He stated that he enjoyed most of the meals, they were enough for him at meal time, however the 3 meals alone wouldn’t curb his appetite completely.

We also discussed how difficult it is to cut calories and attempt to diet when everything around you is about food. And of course you notice it more when you cut it out. We talked about how every TV commercial, Billboard, Social media ads, and how his co-workers would be eating Chik-Fil-A or pizza as he ate his Bariatric Boxes. Being tempted by the devil at every corner.

I gave B the option to continue with free meals until he was down to 200 lbs or he could end it on this past Sunday. B, again, thanked me but politely declined. I told B if he ever wanted some nutrition counseling or to order again, he knows where to find me. I told him to continue to build on what he started. Use the containers from previous meals and start meal planning on his own. I told him if he needed recipes or meal plan ideas to let me know or check the website periodically. B & his wife thanked me and said they were planning on meal planning together.

J (~2 year post-op vertical sleeve gastrectomy) came in and got weighed shortly after B left. We talked about how much weight he lost over the course of 4 weeks. He said he was elated and didn’t expect to lose so much. In previous weeks, as posted, J was a bit discouraged and voiced his discouragement when he didn’t lose as much weight as he did after the initial weigh-in.

We talked about how the scale is a frustrating thing and the number is something you can’t control. Discussed focusing on what he can control and that’s trying to be as consistent as he can with his diet. Also discussed how weightloss works, it’s not consistent and how it’s best to weigh yourself monthly. We talked about always remembering where he started, being 670 lbs and as long as his weight loss is trending, he’s on the right track.

What does it all mean to me:

I’m proud of what J & B have accomplished. Honestly, it’s not an easy task to do. To jump into a meal plan and be given goals and recommendations to stick to without cheating, it’s hard. They were an absolute joy to work with and were open and honest from the start and truly tried to stay within the parameters we set. Do I think that they may have had a few extra calories then what I may have been told? Yes, of course. I only gave them 15 meals a week, they had to either prepare or purchase the remaining 6.

For B, I get it, trying to stick to bariatric portions for an entire month with a stomach that is used to holding much more, while everything around you looks and smells like food, is a tall task. And to his credit he stuck to it as close as he could. He started off strong, tracked additional foods with a food diary, he ate within the first 90 min of waking up, consumed over 64 oz of diet/zero calorie beverages, and ate healthier snack options.

Then time goes on, co-workers keep bringing fried deliciousness around you, every commercial is a flame broiled something, and you smell food all over. It’s tough! So kudos to B for doing so well. He gets free nutrition counseling and discount on meals until he hits 200 lbs for being a participant. However, for now, he and his wife are meal planning and continuing on with the healthier choices they’ve made for the past month. Which is awesome. Hopefully this little experiment springboards them to where they want to go.

For J, I’m so happy for him and to be apart of his journey. I have worked with bariatric patients for 4 years but never on this level. To be able to provide nutrition counseling as well as meals and see his results progress, makes me feel like this company is on the right track.

When we first talked he informed me about his weight stalling after going from 670 lbs to 414 lbs. He said he wasn’t losing weight for a couple months and fell off track. Because he’s a post-operative bariatric patient, he needs to meet daily goals for fluids, protein, and vitamins/minerals. So that’s always the first step, making sure he was consistently meeting them. He wasn’t. Then for the main reason weight was stalling was due to caloric consumption. Or over consumption. I knew if he ate three Bariatric Boxes per day, consumed only diet/zero calorie beverages, and limited snacking he was going to meet his protein goal as well as stay closer to 1000 calories per day then he had the past few months, resulting in weight loss.

And to J’s credit, he stuck to it and lost almost 30 lbs in 1 month. What now? Well, I like working with J and I really enjoy how open and honest he is about everything. So I told J that I’m committed to getting him down to 200 lbs. So he will continue to receive 15 free meals every week until he reaches that goal. If his weight goes in the wrong direction or doesn’t make sense to science, then we stop. Other then that i’m basically his personal chef/registered dietitian until that scale says 200 lbs!

J also sent me this today and I had to share it. It’s not only the number on the scale that matters. And this why I started Bariatric Boxes.

“Hey Josh! Just wanted to share a couple things that have changed since I started on the meals that I thought were pretty cool. The week before I started, my average heartbeats per minute were 62 (I wear a Fitbit.). They’ve consistently dropped since i started on the meal plan and I’m now averaging 55 beats per minute. Also, the week before I started I went for my yearly exam at my PCP and my blood pressure was 130/70. Had it checked last week at my eye appointment and it was 117/65. Even though my numbers on the scale didn’t go down this week, I know being on this track is definitely making me healthier and the other numbers prove it

little victories!”

B to the let, J to the right- 3/3/19 weight

B to the left & J to the right. Initial weights ( I told them to always wear the same type clothing)

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